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5 Tips To Help Make Your Mixer Sound Better.

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Five Tips To Help Make Your Mixer Sound Better.

1#Save alternate version.

Many times when you’re working on a song for an extended period of time your ears will fatigue or you may become frustrated with Pro Tools error messages causing you to make poor judgments potentially ruining what was a decent sounding mix do yourself a favor make checkpoints and save a new version of the session every time you plan on making significant changes.

2#Learn the hotkeys.

If you cannot control your computer without a mouse learn how to do that then learn all of the hotkeys of your digital audio workstation and then make your own the fastest editors and recording engineers don’t waste time fiddling with a mouse when they could make an edit or function happen with a simple keyboard shortcut and neither should you being an audio engineer and not knowing software hotkeys is like digging the hole without a shovel it takes a lot longer than it should.

3#Listen to your finished mix tomorrow.

Allow time for your ears to rest and readjust calling the final mix after a long session of listening isn’t a good idea especially after you’ve been listening to the same song over and over again for the past few hours get a good night’s sleep and see how your mix sounds in the morning with a cup of coffee.

4#Make it tight.

Your mixes should be tight that doesn’t mean that they can’t groove however modern productions call for precise performances punching in sloppy guitar riffs and editing parts that are out of time will make for a track that sounds larger more professional and is much easier to mix.


Everything this means anything more than a single track that contains similar elements such as your guitars Tom’s overhead and room mics snare mics kick mics drums since effects etc approaching each mix with the mindset a progressively reducing your track count will make it much easier to achieve your final stereo mix in a way that is cleaner.


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