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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Megapixels: 30.4
Sensor size: 864 sq. mm
Weight: 28.2 oz.
What we like: 4K video and a host of other modern features.
What we don’t: The D850 above is so impressive that it overshadows the 5D Mark IV.
Price: ($3,299)

canon’s eos 5d series is one of the mostrecognizable and respected lines of DSLRcamera in the world as it appeals to a broad range of enthusiasts and professional users the second-generation model the 5d mark ii hid kind of a high point for the series as it was really responsible for kick-starting the DSLR video revolution those revolutionary aspects of past 5d models means that any new camera bearing the name has a nearly impossible reputation to live up to the 5d Mark 4 is canon’s latest entry and while it is undeniably the best 5d camera yet it also has a particularly challenging job arriving four.

A half years after the introduction of the mark 3 expectations are understandably high the good news is that for still photographers the mark 4 delivers on everything we’ve come to expect from the 5d named the 30 megapixel sensor is one of canons finest producing sharp images with excellent color and low noise at high ISO s the autofocus system still features 61 points but has been upgraded to cover more of the frame what’s more despite the increase in resolution over the mark 3 continuous shooting speed is actually faster at 7 frames per second compared to 6 what this means is that the mark 4 provides both studio level resolution with sports ready performance although high-speed shooters may notice the lack of a truly modern memory card format as the 5d Mark 4 still makes do with CF and SD cards that said for the still photographer it is one of the most well rounded cameras available unfortunately the mark 4 doesn’t quite live up to expectations on the video front we are glad to see it finally gets 4k but HDMI output is limited to 1080p what’s worse it records 4k from a significantly cropped area of the sensor in fact that crop is 1.6 4x making the effective area smaller than an aps-c sensor this completely changes the look of the framing when you switch from still to video modes.

It difficult to shoot wide-angle especially since you can’t use canons aps-c specific EF lenses on full frame bodies on the plus side the mark poor gets canons incredible dual pixel autofocus technology which makes for some of the fastest and smoothest video autofocus we’ve ever seen it goes a long way to making the mark four more usable as a video camera and maybe enough for the more casual videographer but if video is your primary focus and you’re not set on Canon there are cameras that are going to do more for less in today’s highly competitive market we often think it isn’t good enough for a camera to excel at just one thing but what Canon has shown with a 5d Mark 4 is that.

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