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10 Recording Tips Before Starting For Beginners

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Ten recording tips for you !

  1. Don’t expect to be good right away. This is something that takes a long long time to get good at a long time lots of practice, really does make perfect and there’s no magical plug-in or program to make you good simply taking time to do it.
  2. One you will get you much better by the best mics that you can, it’s good to have really good mics buy the best that you can, this is really where it’s important to spend your money, don’t cheap out on mics and buy for example expense an expensive interface or something like that and some mics out there that are decent that aren’t too expensive like the Audax drum pack. Audax drum pack is good for general miking, it depends really what you want to do and you need to just research if you’re going to primarily be doing vocals. I would highly recommend spending the money for a shure sm7b, for example don’t use an sm58 if possible now if that’s all you can afford that’s totally fine but if you have the budget spent as much money as possible on a vocal mic for example it will greatly affect your sound and it will ultimately make your recordings much better.
  3. How you play greatly affects your sound this goes for everyone not just guitarists but basis and drummers as well I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a drummer in the studio and he plays his parts say very quietly and then they expect this huge sound and it’s just not really going to happen don’t rely on fixing it in the mix if you want a lot of energy on your recording you have to record, it with a lot of energy and you have to be pounding and playing your instrument as hard as you can if that’s what you’re going for.
  4. Know your parts if you’re going to go into a studio and pay a lot of money to be there you should probably know your parts yes and not figure them out after you get to the studio yes don’t waste your money don’t waste the audio engineers time and it will just end up being much better finished product if you are prepared as possible and your bandmates won’t hate you this is true.
  5. Keep it fresh this means put new strings on your guitar new drum heads on your drums I’ve had drummers come into my studio with holes in their heads I don’t know what they expect from that but drum sticks new drum sticks yes new strings is a huge one I’ll have people come in with two-month old strings they’ll sound it all replace your strings get all new stuff it will affect the sound I actually had a I was at a session once where the bass player said I don’t need to tune I tuned two days ago and tuned don’t be like to make sure you do.
  6. Plugins verses live amps if you are on a budget there are a lot of very good sounding plugins including positive grids bias I can multimedia AmpliTube 3 and so on and so forth but if possible I highly recommend you use the actual real tube amp whether you borrow from a friend or rent it ultimately if good sound is your thing rent the real thing and don’t expect the real sound to come out of a plug-in unless you have a very cheap amp plug-in might be the better way to go sure if you’re going for a classic 5150 sound or something at that on a metal record do everything you can to just borrow a peavey 5150 you’ll thank yourself in the long run.
  7. Clean and isolated vocal takes not everyone has an isolation room for vocal takes vocal recordings etc but if possible try and get into an isolated spot whether it’s a closet or a bedroom or just a really quiet small room because if you record in a big open room you might get some reverb sound you don’t like all sorts of reflections I highly recommend a closet with the clothes still in it and that just deadens everything that’s a great great trick and they used actually recorded a lot of their first album like that because it is a lot easier to add reverb and sounds than it is to take them out.
  8. Interfaces know what you want are you going to do just vocals are you going to be recording an entire drum set or you primarily going to be a guitar player that records the songs at home those are very important questions that you need to ask yourself because that will be crucial in figuring out which interface that you want to buy do you need four inputs do you need eight inputs do you need more than that you want firewire you want USB spend your money on the interface this is the primary thing I would highly recommend you not cheap out on.
  9. You don’t need Pro Tools everyone says that Pro Tools is the industry standard and it’s the best thing since sliced bread I use logic there are cheaper there are cheaper alternatives logic is $200 and it comes with a myriad of virtual instruments on the cheap and awesome there’s also programs like Reaper Cubase and Cubase we have Reaper $60 and is a full-featured DAW that is amazing that’s what I learned on so just make sure you explore your options and choose which DAW is best for you and don’t automatically assume someone else is going to know what you want I will also add I get this question a lot GarageBand is not really something you want to use that’s doesn’t count oh no yeah so that wouldn’t this is very very limited but Reaper Cubase really good bang for the buck and if not I mean logic is good too just don’t buy Pro Tools.
  10. Be flexible and take criticism when you’re recording the whole point is for people to hear it and you better be prepared for criticism because it’s going to come whether you ready for it or not and as far as being flexible goes if you plan on recording other bands other bands might have a very specific sound they’re going for them might be kind of hard headed as musicians can beat and just be flexible work with them and that will ultimately help you in the long run thank you for watching this video hopefully it will help you out in your endeavors of learning how to record if you know of any tips that you use or you think are very important go and leave a comment down below we will check them out and maybe throw them in another video will be back don’t you worry.

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