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The history of photography

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Cameras use them every day be it to check your teeth for food take an RT photo or share a snapshot of what you’re doing with all of your friends as a whole mankind is taken around three percent. Which were taken in the past twelve months but have you ever considered how the camera came about in the first place it begins with the human desire to capture reality drawing and painting.

Were initially developed as a way to imitate and represent certain aspects of our surroundings to assist in capturing this reality. They began with this the camera Obscura the idea of the camera Obscura is seen as early as the 4th century BC through the writings of an old Chinese philosopher mosey over the next millennium.  It had been used by many a person from Roger Bacon to Leonardo da Vinci this camera does not capture images per se but rather manipulates them the light that is reflected off an external structure for example a building comes into a room or box with a small hole in the side the light due to optical inversion is then reflected upside down inside the box in complete detail and color here is a real-life example of a camera Obscura.

As you can see a hole that’s been cut into the wall and the images from the outside have been reflected onto the inside the camera Obscura was among the first discoveries made in optics eventually it led to various innovations such as eyeglasses and laser beams.  so how did we get something like this from the camera Obscura let’s go back to the Burgundy section of France the Year 1826 Joseph knee-ups a French inventor had been experimenting with light sensitive materials for quite some time he was incapable as an artist so he used his knowledge of chemistry to develop a bitch human solution but she coated on a pewter plate and exposed to eight hours of sunlight capturing the first photograph known to mankind after his death in 1833.

It’s his understudy Louis Daguerre took this idea and geared it towards public use in the form of a daguerreotype this invention became vastly popular but as with any piece of technology it had its issues per one during capture each person would have to sit completely still for many minutes hence why people in these photographs tend to look unhappy it was difficult to hold a grin for the duration of the exposure so many opted for a neutral face that sometimes came off as angry with the Garrow types retaking an image really wasn’t an option so in the year 1900 Kodak released this the Kodak Brownie the brownie was the introduction to everyday photography as we know it today as you can see this is basically a miniature version of the camera Obscura with a hole cut out here that has a lens put in it rather than a pinhole this allows a more concentrated amount of light to flow into the camera thus allowing a shorter exposure time through the viewfinder on the side you are able to see what you are taking an image of though it is upside down as it was with the camera Obscura in order to capture the image light-sensitive film would be placed here the consumers of this product would never develop the images themselves hence the tagline you press the button we do the rest over the years cameras have drastically transformed from box to film Polaroid DSLR GoPro and even smartphones so next time that you take a picture consider how much history went into capturing that one moment.

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